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ULTRABOL300 – 300 mg/ml


Ultrabol 300 is a blend of 100mg TEST P  with 100mg NPP and 100mg MAST P

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Ultrabol 300 300mg/ml

Ultrabol 300 is meant for athletes who take part in competitive sports. The product gives a maximum of 1 mg in 1 ml. It is made with sportspersons in mind that are continuously stacking on steroids. The powerful blend is very popular in the community.

The problem with injectable steroids is that it becomes difficult to find newer places for injecting. Injecting in the same location within a small gap of time can prove painful. That is why this potent steroid will ensure that you need to inject less, but the effect felt is the same as injecting steroids more often.

How does it work?
Each one of the ingredients used in Ultrabol is strong and has a unique effect. It is well known that if there is even a single steroid, then the result is powerful and synergic. Ultrabol 300 uses this scientific wisdom and has included one steroid for cutting cycle, another to lose fat, and the third as a potent androgenic steroid.

Testosterone is a compulsory ingredient; Propionate reduces water and fat retention in the body. Ultrabol 300 has the rare distinction of being one of the most successful of all steroids used by sportspersons, particularly by bodybuilders.

How to use it? 
If there are about 15 weeks for a competition, the competitor may start using Ultrabol 300 about 5–6 ml per week in the final 8 weeks before the competition. Even though Ultrabol 300 is a complete steroid package, expert bulkers that use this phenomenal formula suggest that it can be paired with various other injectable steroids such as Stanolon, Primobolon 100, Oxandrolone 10, Oral Turinabol 10, and T–3 tabs.

Bodybuilders and professionals who have taken this blend swear by its efficacy. The ingredients used are of A1 quality, and there is little doubt about their effectiveness. Even if you rate the results subjectively, 95% of people who have tried Ultrabol 300 have benefited immensely, and they have gone ahead and rated it very well on various platforms. Not just that, they have also recommended the product to their friends and acquaintances and in turn they to their friends. It is not tough to understand why this product gets sold out in a heartbeat.

Benefits and side effects

The benefits:
– It is designed to bulk up on lean muscles. The three steroids used are a great combination since they match each other superbly well.
– Drostanolone stops water and fat retention
– It is an anti-estrogen ester and promotes muscle mass.
– Those who have used it gain about 10 kgs or 22 pounds in one cycle, which is fantastic.

The side effects include:
– The drug is potent and cannot be used by everyone.
– It is meant explicitly for sportspersons who can use about 3000 mg of steroid in a weekly cycle, nothing less.
– Normal sportspersons and gym-goers who try this steroid may end up with some very adverse contraindications simply because their bodies are not used to such a high concentration of steroids.
– Side effects can include steroid fevers,
– There can be fatigue and sudden and unrestrained drowsiness

Ultrabol 300 must be used by competitive sports persons only. If you are looking for muscle gain not related to playing any intense sports, you must steer away from using this product. If in doubt, it is always better to approach a doctor on this issue.


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