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Sustanon – 500 mg/ml


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This is the same as Sust 250 but twice the strength per ml. Susta 500 is an injectable testosterone derived of varying esters to release the gear into the bloodstream in a unique fashion. These esters all serve their purpose, and many individuals swear by an increase in muscular hypertrophy in comparison to single-estered testosterone products. This is a favorite as a base or standalone in both bulking and cutting cycles. An individual can make very impressive gains, and 20-30lbs in a first cycle is very possible with a weekly dosage of 400-600mgs.

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Susta- 500

Susta– 500 mg/ml is a testosterone mixture that is one of the most popular and useful products out in the market. It was initially launched as a testosterone replacement therapy, but now everyone, including athletes, also uses it. It is considered to be a safe alternative for the existing single strand ester products.

What is the product

Susta- 500 is basically Sustanon. This a testosterone mixture. This product offers a unique blend of four special and distinct esters.

The four main components or esters are as follows-

⦁    Testosterone Decanoate
⦁    Testosterone Phenylpropionate
⦁    Testosterone Isocaproate
⦁    Testosterone Propionate

With four distinct types of esters, this combination leads to immediate and long-lasting benefits.

It offers far more than just improving testosterone levels. It also improves the synthesis of nitrogen in the body. It will also increase the amount of nitrogen and the amount of IGF-1 in the body. The nitrogen is retained and assists with building muscle tissue and protecting it during a cutting cycle. Nitrogen is necessary for the muscles to grow, while IGF-1 speeds up the recovery process after workouts.

This perfect combination also boosts the red blood cell count. It also suppresses the glucocorticoid and thereby reduces the stress hormones in the body. People can take one injection every few weeks and still get the advantage of testosterone’s sustainable effect.

How does it work?

It starts to work immediately once it hits the bloodstream. The perfect proportion of the four compounds allows the product to work efficiently for a sustainable time in the body. People swear by its effect for almost four to six weeks after taking it- proving its sustainable release in the body. Susta 500 is testosterone that functions in the bloodstream differently. The right proportions and right dosage in our product make it the best combination.

How to use it?

This testosterone comes in injectable vials that are supposed to work over a long period of time. The dose of testosterone should be calibrated and injected in a customized way to improve performance and get the desired results in each person.

Typically, a person takes an injection every 3 to 4 weeks to benefit the compounds. It can help people in both the bulking and cutting cycles in their journey of good health.

For a bulking cycle, Sustanon 500 has to be combined with more calories, and you should have. Good workout schedule. You may increase the amount of lean mass and overall strength. The metabolic benefits also mean that you can burn more fat and retain lean muscle mass.

For a cutting cycle, this injection will help to maintain more muscle. When the calories are reduced, then the body will reduce muscles. Susta-500 will help the body to use fat when there fewer calories are consumed.


There are many benefits to the
a.    It helps the body to use the stored fat during the cutting cycle.
b.    The perfect combination helps to increase muscle mass with less body fat during the bulking cycle.
c.    It helps to increase body strength.
d.    It helps in suppressing the negative effects of glucocorticoid and thereby reduces the stress levels.
e.    The combined effects of the esters help it to work longer than the other similar products. That means a person can take it every 3 to 4 weeks.
f.    The amount of nitrogen in the body improves, and that is important for muscle growth.
g.    It also helps to produce more IGF-1 that helps in the recovery process after and during the workouts.
h.    It also improves the metabolism of the body, thereby helping to stay healthy and fitter.

Side effects-
⦁    Like any other anabolic steroid, it may have some estrogenic effects, and that is why women should avoid taking it.
⦁    People suffering from existing cholesterol or any other chronic condition should be careful about this chemical’s intake.


Susta- 500 is an amazing quick acting testosterone supplement. If you are suffering from any testosterone deficiency symptoms or are on a path to create a great physique, then it is time to order this. It is available through many online stores, and you must carefully compare the ingredients and their percentage in the right ratio. Please buy it from a safe retailer and see the positive impact in a few days.


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