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Novaldex 20mg 100 tabs


Novaldex 20mg 100 tabs

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Nolvadex 20mg

Have you recently been prescribed a dose of Nolvadex? Are you wondering why your physician prescribed the medicine to you? Do you always like to know and research the details about the medication’s composition and the course recommended to you?

We all like to know why we have been prescribed certain medications and their desired results. Today, let’s learn more about Nolvadex, otherwise known as Tamoxifen, and its uses.

What is the product about?
Nolvadex is an oral medication and is known as a nonsteroidal antiestrogen drug. The tablets are primarily advised for women who are at a high risk of breast cancer. The drug is also recommended to men and women who underwent surgery and are negative or positive to lymph node breast cancer.

Nolvadex is also recommended for metastatic breast cancer in both women and men. Women or patients with Ductal Carcinoma in situ (DCIS) and women who underwent surgery or radiation therapy are prescribed these pills. Nolvadex reduces the threat of invasive breast cancer. The drug can reduce the further development of breast cancer; at times, these pills also help to treat ovarian cancer.

How does it function?
Nolvadex drug blocks the growth of the estrogen hormone in the patient’s body. Generally, the pill is recommended to help women suffering from breast cancer. The tablet can also treat other kinds of cancer if the physician feels it fits the case.

The pills stop the chemical substance or, in other words, the hormone’s growth, which is created by glands of the body. These chemical substances go into the bloodstream and influence the tissues and the development of cancer. This, in other words, is also known as hormone therapy.

Nolvadex is an antiestrogen that binds the estrogen receptor spot on cancer cells, thus obstructing estrogen from getting to the cancer cells. This hinders cell progress and eventually paves the way for cell death.

How to use it?
Nolvadex can be taken orally after a meal or before a meal. The pill is generally advised to be taken twice daily for five years, as per the doctor’s suggestion. Commonly, the medication is prescribed in 20 mg. The patients are advised to divide the pill in half and take the drug twice a day, either in the morning and evening combination or afternoon and night ratio. In any case, if you have missed taking the pill, it is advised not to take the dosage in double the following day. But, it is essential to follow the instruction strictly provided by the physician.

Nolvadex dosage and duration of medication are prescribed based on the patient’s response to the drug. Generally, the drug is advised for 5 years and can follow up to 10 years, depending on the patient’s body adoption. To get the best results, usage of the drug regularly is advised. It is also recommended to take the pill around the same time by following a routine every day.

The drug is typically absorbed via the skin and the lungs. So, the drug can’t be combined with any other medication. Women who are trying to conceive or pregnant are not advised to take these pills.

Benefits and side-effects
Nolvadex is a generic medicine used to treat cancer cells. So the primary benefit of using this drug is to control cancer growth in the human body and help in any lymph node formation post-surgery or radiation therapy.

Side-effects: Most of the users never complain about any side effects. Side-effects can be noticed during the on-set of medication. Some of the side-effects that the patient may experience are:
● Mood swings
● Abnormal bleeding in Virginia
● Irregular periods
If you come across any of the symptoms, it is advised to contact the physician as soon as possible.

The general dosage of Nolvadex is a pill per day as per physician advice. As stated earlier, it is to treat patients who have breast cancer or those who pose the threat of getting afflicted by cancer cells. Follow the physician’s dosage instructions, and any mild symptoms found, get in touch with the physician immediately.


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