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Clomid 50mg 100 Tabs (Clomiphene)

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Clomid 50mg

Every woman dreams of giving birth to a life. Do you aspire to be a mother but unable to conceive? Have you tried every other alternative to be pregnant and facing a dead end now?

Try Clomid 50 mg today and achieve your dream.

What is Clomid 50mg?
With advanced technology and medical advancement, nothing seems to be impossible or unachievable. Gone are the days where women had to undergo severe stress to conceive. Today, women can overcome ovulation hurdles and attain the dream of being called a mother.

Clomid 50mg helps women conceive and trigger the ovulation period and boost egg formation in the ovary. These pills come in beige color and are circular in shape. Inside 2 circles, you would find 2 M’s marked in between.

The pills are packed in PVC . These sachets come with 100 in a pack. It would be best to note that not all packs with size variation are marketed in the market.

Each pill consists of 50mg of dynamic elements, clomifene citrate when it comes to the composition.

The other components are sucrose, lactose, soluble starch, maize starch, magnesium stearate, iron oxide yellow (E172), distilled water.

How does it work?
Clomid comprises of medicine called clomifene citrate. The pill goes into a collection of medications known for ovulation stimulation. It stimulates the growth of eggs in the ovary (ovulation) improves the chances of conceiving. The pill can’t be used for all infertility issues globally. It is utilized for specific infertility problems amongst women who find it difficult or trouble in ovulating correctly.

While the patient is administered Clomid, it is to be noted that the patient would have enough endogenous estrogen levels. If the patient’s body has less estrogen, the pill fails to help stimulate the egg growth in the ovary, leading to failure of treatment or pregnancy.

Generally, ovulation follows after five to ten-day of administrations of the medication. If the patient consumes Clomid from the third to seventh of the period cycle, the patient would most probably experience ovulation during the tenth to sixteen days.

How to use it?
Clomid can mostly be taken orally, and most physicians recommend oral pills. Oral pills are considered the easiest and very effective method to stimulate ovulation in a patient.

As per the dosage is considered, it is best to consult an experienced and skilled physician for directions to understand the patient’s physical condition and prescribe the pill accordingly. Usually, the medication dosage is decided based upon the patient’s body’s response to the therapy given.

Generally, the pills are not advised to be taken for a more extended period unless prescribed by an authorized physician. In any case, the drug is never advised to be taken for more than six cycles. During the medication period, it is recommended to take the body’s temperature, go through ovulation observations, and regular intercourse to get positive results.

Benefits and side-effects:
The primary benefit of Clomid is to help women overcome ovulation dysfunction. Other advantages being, the medication can be taken orally instead of inform of injections. A general physician can prescribe the pill; one need not look for a gynecologist. It is an easier and cheaper option when compared to IVF.

Side-Effects: Clomid, as a drug, has very few adverse effects. The drug primarily helps women in getting pregnant, and not many complained of side-effects. But a few patients experienced mild headaches, mood swings, and tenderness in the breast.

Clomid is the best option women should try in case they are faced with infertility. But it is essential to keep in mind that Clomid is not an option for all infertility issues. You must consult a skilled gynecologist for an opinion before taking the pills for better results.


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