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Aromasin 25mg 100 tabs


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Aromasin 25mg

Aromasin is a medicine used for treating the symptoms which arise due to breast cancer. It is part of a class of drugs known as Aromatase Inhibitors or Antineoplastics. You can take Aromasin on its own or in combination with other medicines. It comes in tablet form and contains 25 mg of exemestane, a steroidal inactivator of aromatase.

What Is Aromasin 25?
Aromasin tablets contain 25 mg of exemestane. It is an irreversible aromatase inactivator that is steroidal. Exemestane is freely soluble in N and N-dimethylformamide and also in methanol. However, it is practically insoluble in water. The active ingredient is white or cream-colored crystalline powder and has a molecular weight of 296.41. Each tablet of Aromasin contains many inactive ingredients, including
MannitolPolysorbate 80
Colloidal silicon dioxide
Microcrystalline cellulose
Magnesium carbonate
Aromasin tablets are round and biconvex in shape. They are slightly off-white, and a number 7663 is printed on one side, in black. The tablets are packed in HDPE or High-Density Polyethylene plastic, also well known as PEHD plastic. This material is one of the most durable and strong materials used in the packaging process. The bottles have a child-safety screw top as well. Each bottle has 30 tablets and should be stored at 25 degrees Centigrade.

What Does Aromasin Do?
Aromasin is mainly used for the following
Postmenopausal women, who are diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer, are hormone-receptor-positive and have been taking tamoxifen for 2 to 3 years.
Postmenopausal women who are diagnosed with advanced-stage hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer.
Aromasin is used as an adjuvant treatment for post-menopausal women who are in advanced stages of breast cancer. As an adjuvant, it’s job is to boost the immune response and produce more antibodies. Women with breast cancer treated with two to three years of tamoxifen are then switched to Aromasin to complete a full course of 5 consecutive years of adjuvant treatment.

How To Use Aromasin?
Aromasin is a very effective medicine for a premenopausal woman wanting to suppress ovaries. Taking it instead of tamoxifen for hormonal therapy treatment is an option for many women. However, it does not work on hormone-receptor-negative breast cancer.
Aromasin should be taken once a day
One 25 mg tablet once a day after a meal
Doctors advise taking it the same time each day
The recommended dose can be 50 mg when taken with CYP 3A4 inducers like phenytoin
The dosage is according to a patient’s medical condition and response to treatment. The full benefit of this tablet can be derived only by using it regularly. Some types of breast cancers grow at a faster speed with estrogen. Exemestane and Aromasin reduces the amount of estrogen in the body and can slow or, in some cases, even reverse the growth of these breast cancers. Handling the tablets may cause the drug to be absorbed by the skin or lungs, and pregnant women need to be careful.

Benefits And Side Effects Of Aromasin
A large study and trial were started in 1998, which compared the switching to Aromasin after taking tamoxifen for 2-3 years to continuing with tamoxifen for 5 years. The results showed that Aromasin was better because it helps in these two ways

It can postpone or delay the recurrence of cancer
It can reduce the chances of the other breast also getting cancer

Apart from these two, Aromasin can also
Lower the risk for high-risk postmenopausal women who have not been diagnosed with breast cancer

There are no serious side effects of Aromasin 25. Some mild effects can be experienced based on many factors like
Present medical condition
Current medications
Immunity response, etc.
Risk category
Menopausal or postmenopausal, etc.
Bone thinning and weakening
Hot flashes and sweating

Based on these factors, some of the side effects of Aromasin may include
Bone thinning and weakening
Hot flashes and sweating

Aromasin 25 is a highly effective way to treat postmenopausal women with breast cancer. It should be taken under the guidance of a medical specialist and completely as per instructions. Each person has a different reaction to any medicine, and one must watch carefully for any harmful side effects. With many studies and trials proving its efficacy, Aromasin 25 can be incredibly beneficial with the right dosage.


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