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Anavar-50 is a synthetic hormone that acts similar to an androgen. It is used for many purposes, including weight gain, and to treat hypogonadal men with testosterone replacement. It comes in various potencies, like 10 mg, 20 mg, and 50 mg, etc. Even women can take this steroid safely in smaller doses.

What is the product? 

Anavar is an oral tablet. Its constituents include the complex anabolic steroid Oxandrolone. Apart from this main substance, other ingredients include starch in gel form, anhydrous lactose, and other chemical compounds to make it more stable for storage and safe intake. It is safer and more beneficial to people as it is less androgenic.

The drug activates receptors and helps to release the male hormone testosterone in the body. It is a derived steroid of DHT and helps to prevent its breakdown when it enters the body. This, in turn, improves its effectiveness. Its biggest benefit is its ability to bind with androgen receptors. This leads to the production of T3 hormones in the body. It is more beneficial than other testosterone supplements. As it is similar to DHT, it does not lead to any estrogenic activity in the body. It is being used by people worldwide for weight gain and to treat deficiency of testosterone.

How does it work

This compound starts to work once it reaches the blood and cells. The dosage is calibrated to help in the following ways.
Metabolic rate increases.
Increases sexual urge
The mood is elevated, and cognitive alertness also increases.
Muscle tissue is preserved.
Recovery time between the bulking and cutting cycle is easy to manage.
The recovery from exercises is easy and faster
Muscles will repair and grow faster as the compound helps maintain nitrogen levels in the body.
The best effect is seen in people looking at weight gain, and it helps them tremendously.
It also helps to relieve symptoms of osteoporosis and pain associated with it.

How to use

Many people consume steroids and supplements without even knowing their composition or dosage and side effects. Anavar-50 mg is one of the most common and popular tablets bought by people around the world. It comes in the form of tablets and can be taken as per the requirement.
It is an oral medication. It can be taken 2 to 4 times every day or as directed by the health advisor. It can be taken along with food or milk to prevent any kind of negative impact on digestion. It reaches the bloodstream without changing its structure and then acts like the natural hormone secreted by the body.

It should be taken regularly to get the maximum advantage and is usually taken for a short term, and you should keep track of the dosage. The quantity can be adjusted, and the medicine can be stopped if any side effects occur.

It can be taken during the bulking and cutting cycles. This way, you can get the maximum advantage of the mild steroid.

Benefits and side effects


The biggest advantage of this tablet is that it helps people to gain weight. As its anabolic property is less, hence it does not make drastic changes to the body’s physique.
It helps to increase protein utilization in the body more effectively. It replaces older protein cells and helps to create stronger muscles.
This also improves the metabolic rate. People feel the effect and can eat healthier and more nutritious food.
Muscles are built at a faster pace as this steroid improves the Nitrogen maintenance system.
Even women can take this as its testosterone is milder and less potent.
It does not lead to estrogen production and, therefore, a better option for men looking for that chiseled body.

The benefits of this mild steroid far outweigh the side effects.
Some people may find that it leads to some water retention or baldness.
Misuse of this tablet or overdose against the prescribed dosage may lead to side effects.

You can stop the medicine in case of any serious effects or consult a doctor. Usually, the side effects are minor and do not hamper the day-to-day life of the person. You can resume the dosage strictly according to the instructions and get the maximum advantage.

Anavar-50 is a mild oral therapy that helps people to gain weight in the easiest way possible. It has many advantages over the other available testosterone-based medicines. As usual, you must be careful to buy it from a trusted seller and follow the suggested limit and instructions. You can see a positive change in you within the prescribed time.


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